About Lemay

Lemay Group was founded in 2009 by Rob Duncan, Duan van Wijk and Simon Kruger. “We initially started as a construction firm but being in the middle of the world’s worst economic recession in living memory, the tender market was exceptionally flat. We realised we had to become more proactive and create our own opportunities,” explain the directors. As a result, Lemay Properties was established later in 2009, followed in October 2010 by Lemay Renovations and Painting. Tim Govender and Gary Darvall joined the original team as directors in Lemay Renovations and Painting. The structuring of the company into three specialist divisions enables Lemay to package its service offerings to clients in a way that ensures maximum benefit and minimum hassle.

Our Mission

To establish a reputation in the South African property and construction industry as a preferred service provider, by assembling a bouquet of quality products that guarantees all our stakeholders exceptional financial longevity. As patriotic South Africans, to ensure we achieve all we set out to do in a manner that positively and honestly contributes to the economic and social upliftment of the greater South Africa and all its people.

Our Vision

To realise our stakeholders’ entrepreneurial aspirations by harnessing our collective skills to generate our own opportunities whilst simultaneously realising those of our clients through the South African property and construction industry.